I have previously worked as Head of Product and Creative Photography for a multinational e-commerce business spending 6 years in this role. Also prior to this 4 years working as a product photographer.

During my time with the company I managed a large team of photographers and image editors to create accurate visuals of product for digital and print publishing. As well as working closely with the marketing teams to make creative content to increase brand awareness and drive further traffic to the website.

The department also filmed and edited video content, mostly short adverts for social media.

On average our detailed imagery created in-house vs manufacturer’s imagery (flat) increased conversion rates between 30-40% on average.

I have decided to take the skills and knowledge that I have developed over the years and open my own in Bristol based product photography studios, helping clients achieve success with their brands. We have a studio to match all of your photography and image editing needs, from still, 360 and model based.